Wado Ryu

Who created Wado-Ryu?

The founder of Wado-Ryu was Hironori Ohtsuka. He was born in Japan in 1892. Ohtsuka was an expert in Shindo Yoshin-Ryu , a style of jujutsu. When he discovered karate, Ohtsuka became fascinated and spent many years studying it. Eventually, he blended jujutsu with karate to form a new style. This became known as Wado-Ryu. It was officially recognised in 1938.

What makes Wado-Ryu different?

Wado-Ryu is different from other styles of karate because of the principles of jujutsu which Hironori Ohtsuka introduced. The differences between Wado and other Karate styles are subtle and difficult to see at first. However, you may notice that Wado-Ryu uses

What are the kata of Wado-Ryu?

In Wado-Ryu, a number of kata are practiced. These are the original nine kata developed by Hironori Ohtsuka:

Pinan Nidan, Pinan Shodan, Pinan Sandan, Pinan Yodan, Pinan Godan, Kushanku, Naihanchi, Seishan and Chinto.

We also practice these Kata:

Bassai, Jihon, Jitte, Niseishi, Rohai, Wanshu

What is the "partner work" of Wado-Ryu?

In Wado-Ryu a lot of "partner work" is practiced. Two opponents face each other and perform attacking and defensive moves. Thistraining method reflects the influence of ju-jutsu. This is a list of some of the partner work you will learn:

Ippon Gumite: methods of defence based upon the Pinan kata

Kihon Gumite: essential methods of movement

Kumite Gata: essential methods of movement incorporating simultaneous attack and defence

Ohyo Gumite: application of technique

Tanto Dori: defence against knife attacks

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