Ripley Karate Club was formed in 1980 when Ripley Leisure Centre was first opened. It was started by Gareth Morgan and Trevor Bradford, who ran it for a few months then decided to move on. This left Mick Ryde (who was only a green belt at the time!) to run and to develop the club. Since then, it has developed into one of the most successful clubs in the Aiwakai federation and one of the largest martial arts clubs in the region.

Over the years, the club has achieved a great deal, partly thanks to some of our excellent instructors who themselves started training at the club and achieved black belt status: Sue Ryde (4th Dan), Richard Galley (2nd Dan), Steve Hewkin (4th Dan), Mick Draycott (2nd Dan), Roger Atkin (2nd Dan), Derek Bishton (2nd Dan), Sam Walters (3rd Dan), Scott Walters (2nd Dan), Stephanie Mugridge (2nd Dan), Jamie Ellson (2nd Dan).

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