Recent Achievements

12th of May 2013 - Aiwakai Invitational National Championships

Ripley Karate Club was winning a total of nine medals at the Aiwakai Invitational National Championships: four gold and five silver medals. Well done everybody!

21st of March 2010 - Hartlepool Wadokai Inter-Club Championships

Ripley Karate Club was winning a total of seven medals at the Hartlepool Wadokai Inter-Club Championships, including three gold and one silver medal. Well done everybody!

21st November 2009 - 7th European Championships, Dublin

Jake and Shannon reprsented England in the 37th European Championships in Dublin, Ireland, on the 24th October 2009. Jake won silver in the Childern Male Kata category and the Cadet/Childrens Male /Female Team Kata category. Shannon won gold in the Junior Male/Female Team Kata category.

24th October 2009 - 2009 Aiwakai Invitational Wado Kata Championships

23rd May 2009 - Aiwakai National Karate Championships

Ripley Karate Club came out 5th in the Aiwakai National Karate Championships in Alfreton, winning a total of nine medals.

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